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The Great Outdoors Gun Shop's Weekly Blog
We are starting a blog here on our site to keep our customers up to date on current sales, receivings and announcements.
We will try to update it on Monday of each week when we update our gun inventory. Please check back often to find out what is new with us!
November 20, 2015

July 8, 2015

On July 1st, Kansas residents 21 years old and over can start carrying a concealed handgun without a permit within the borders of the state of Kansas. You must also be able to legally possess a handgun. The new law does not require any training or special authorization. There are current State and Federal laws that restrict where a firearm can be carried. Just because you are allowed to carry without a permit in the state of Kansas, does not mean that you don't need to educate yourself on the laws. You cannot legally carry into any Federal building at all. This included your local FSA office and post office. If you are convicted, it is a felony. I highly recommend taking a Kansas approved concealed carry class. The content of these classes cover the current state and federal laws, theoretical scenarios and methods of concealed carry. The purpose of concealed carry is to keep your firearms concealed. Proper firearm and holster choices are critical. Talk to your local gun shop and find the best fit for your body style and clothing options. If you would like to carry your handgun concealed outside the state of Kansas, you would need to obtain the proper state permit. Carrying a firearm is a huge responsibility, educate yourself an all aspects of it and you'll find yourself more prepared in the event the worst happens.
June 25, 2015

Yeah, I know, it's been a year since I posted a blog. It's been a little hectic trying to keep things in line. We have started construction of a new addition to our business. We are adding a 30' x 40' addition to the west end of our current building. The new space will be a new office/receiving area for Cherie and the rest will be for storage. The space will be utilized to have a better control of our inventory instead of being spread out wherever we can find room to put it. Freight will not go through our customer area after the work is completed.

Some new inventory additions have included the Henry "Original Henry" rifles in standard and deluxe configurations. Colt has partnered with Talo ( ) to produce a National Match Gold Cup Deluxe with high polished sides and controls. There are only 250 made and I have one left as I type this blog. Ruger has some cool new offerings as well. They produced a 77/17 WSM rifle that is a much better gun than the Savage Bmag. We have several of the Rugers in stock along with extra magazines and plenty of ammo. With suppressors becoming more popular, gun manufacturers are coming out with more threaded barrel guns. Ruger has also come out with the American Ranch chambered in .223 and .300 AAC Blackout. They feature threaded 16" barrels in both standard and short stocks. Remington has also made a 700 SPS 20" threaded model as well. They are chambering them in .223, .243, .308 and 30-06. Another gun that is hard to get is the Marlin 1895CB "Cowboy" rifle in 45-70. We just happen to have one in stock along with its shorter brother the 1895CBA model with a 18" barrel. It still has the high polish octagon barrel, just in a handier package. Remington has also finally came out with the 700 Long Range guns that feature a heavy barrel and a Bell and Carlson M40 stock, chambered in several calibers. We have most of them in stock. A couple of neat shotguns that we have are the Benelli M2 Entry 14" 12ga shotguns. We have both the standard and pistol grip stocks. Of course they are NFA guns and have to get all the necessary paperwork going through the ATF. We also have a Christiansen Arms Commander size 1911 with a true Damascus slide and a Titanium frame with carbon fiber grips that you just have to see to appreciate. Remember to check out our current inventory tab to see the latest list of guns that is updated every Monday morning.
May 5, 2014

Well, more trigger problems for Big Green lately. Remington has recalled all of their Model 700 and Model 7 rifles with an X Mark Pro trigger since 2006. This is a voluntary recall that deals with excess bonding agent in the trigger. If you are concerned about your rifle, check out the Remington website for details. They will send you a box and shipping label for your gun and they will send it directly back to you. We have taken all affected rifles off of our shelves for shipping back to Remington. We do have some Rifle Basics triggers in different configurations here at the shop if you want to replace your standard X Mark Pro trigger. We are also placing an order for some Jewel triggers right now.

In other news, Henry has finally started shipping their original Henry rifle. It is chambered in 44-40 and looks very nice. It appears to be an authentic reproduction with the exception of caliber and they are very hard to get. Smith and Wesson has an MP-15 .22LR rifle with the purple camo just like the pink ones we have had for a while. It should be a desirable gun for the K State fans out there. Also, Hodgdon has been feeding us a little bit of powder lately and we now have the new CFE Pistol powder.
March 4, 2014

So my wife and I went on a mini vacation to Denver this past weekend with another couple from Hoxie. While the ladies were spending our hard earned money, the guys decided go gun shop hopping. I was looking at trading into a nice Smith and Wesson 25-5 or a good model 57. We looked at several pawn shops and several privately owned gun shops. I would bet that of all the gun shops and pawn shops we went to, we had more guns on display than all of them put together. Prices were not too bad but the selection was not good. We also went to Bass Pro in Northfield. I think that we had as many guns on display as they had. Cabela's in Thornton had many more guns than we do here in Atwood, but I bet they have about as many customers in a day than we have in 6 months. To put things in perspective, I can say with confidence that we have more guns than most any gun shop between Denver and Kansas City, maybe farther, I haven't been to too many gun shops back east.

On another note, the State Fire Marshall of the State of Kansas has granted exception specifically to binary targets as they apply to shooters. He said "The Kansas Explosive Materials Code, K.A.R. 22-4-5, shall not apply to the manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, storage, or use of components for exploding targets". I want to give a big thanks to Patricia Stoneking, President of the Kansas State Rifle Association for getting this done. The link to their site can be found by Clicking Here.
February 27, 2014

Gunbroker just introduced a mobile application for their website. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and really like it. As long as you have all your searches already set up from your main computer, it is very easy to use. The only thing I have not been able to do is delete a watched item after it is sold. Other than that, it is great.

In other news, we just received some if the very popular Smith and Wesson Performance Center 1911 guns in 5" and 4.25". I would say that most everyone that picks up one of the 4.25" models thinks it is one of the most comfortable 1911's that they have ever held.

American Security sent us some safes we ordered at the 2014 SHOT show. We now have 4 different safes and a Defense Vault for sale. The Defense Vault is a small horizontal safe that you can put under your bed or underneath a counter. It has a digital lock and a door opens and a drawer pulls out to access a long gun and/or handguns.

Another new gun that we have been waiting for is a Franchi Instinct L in 20ga. This is a nice trim and slim over under shotgun with 28" barrels. The receiver is color case hardened with decent wood stocks. At $999 it is a good value.

We also have a few cases of new .50cal and .30cal ammo cans.

Just arrived are a couple of Benelli Ethos shotguns. Oops, never mind, only one left now. Apparently they are going quick. The one I have left is the #10461 26" silver engraved model.
February 13, 2014

I know, I know, it's been a long time since I have updated the blog. Since I arrived at work this morning at 6am, I thought I would get an update out. There has been quite a bit of new stuff that has come along since the SHOT Show in Vegas in January. One of the hottest pistols is the Glock model 42 in .380ACP. I had the chance to shoot one a couple of months ago. I am extremely impressed with the accuracy and controllability of the little gun. It feels like a Glock, it shoots like a Glock and best of all, it is priced like a Glock. We are going to sell them for $440.00. I have had a couple of them in and I currently have a waiting list about 7 deep. After the initial push from Glock, they are going to be harder to find than Miley Cyrus in a convent. Glock also came out with the Model 41 .45 ACP. It uses the slide off of the model 34/35 gun and it will fit in the same holster as it's 9mm/.40 cousins. The barrel on the model 41 is 5.31" long. Another morsel of goodness is the long awaited Remington 700 Long Range. Remington initially advertised this rifle as the SPS Long Range about a year ago. They swapped the SPS Varmint stock out for a Bell and Carlson M40 stock and reintroduced it. The chambering are going to be 25-06, 30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag, and .300 RUM. We currently have 25-06, 7mm Mag and .300 Mag in the shop. Smith and Wesson has brought out a neat little .44 Magnum this year. It is a 5 shot cylinder with a 4.2" barrel on an L frame. Yup, that's right, a .44mag 5 shot L frame. The same frame size as a 686 or a model 66 (which they also reintroduced this year). I think this is going to be a real neat packing gun, especially if you load it a little light for most uses and save the heavy stuff for camping in Montana. I finally received some Savage BMag rifles the other day. They have been hard to get, just like the ammo for them. Ammunition is still very hard to get. As I write this, we are out of .22lr ammunition except when you buy a gun. We are expecting a shipment of safes in a couple of weeks. We should have about 5 or 6 different models to pick from in the American Security line. I have also spoken with our Concealed Carry Class instructor about having a women's only class in the next couple of months. I thought the ladies would like it if the temps were a little warmer. I'm sure that the weekend I schedule it we will have a huge spring blizzard. If you are interested, give us a call here at the shop and we will put you on the call list when we get it scheduled.
2013 Holiday Schedule

Closed - Thanksgiving - Thursday, Nov. 28th

Close at Noon - Christmas Eve - Tuesday, Dec. 24th

Closed - Christmas Day - Wednesday, Dec. 25th

Closed - New Years Day - Wednesday, Jan. 1st

October 22, 2013

I am going to delve into politics slightly this week. Everyday (several times a day) we get asked if we have certain ammo. When we say no on some calibers, we almost always get a comment about the government buying it all up. I am here to tell you with great confidence that the "government" is not buying it all up and dumping it on the ocean to keep it out of consumer's hands. There is a good article that you can read by
Clicking Here that explains it all. The supply cannot keep up with the demand of the consumer. In the last 12 months, there has been record sales of firearms. In the article linked above, the author stated that the Dept of Homeland Security has not purchased any more ammo this year than in previous years. If I remember correctly, there have been other articles that say the government has purchased about 1.2 billion rounds of ammunition for use in many different agencies on the same government bid over a 5 year period. American ammunition manufacturers are expanding to meet the needs of the public. If you look at the numbers, there are about 5 million women in the shooting sports, an increase of 46.5% since 2001. There is an increased purchase rate especially in concealed carry and home defense. No wonder the popular calibers such as .380, 9mm, 40 and .45 acp are hard to get. The biggest problem we have is getting .22lr ammo. It seems like everyone asks about it. In a normal year, we might sell up to 3 or 4 bricks maximum a week. Right now, I have customers that are wanting to buy cases (5000 rounds) at a time, then they ask why it is hard to find. Nationwide, the consumer that buys ammo at a higher rate than normal is to blame for the shortage. The two questions most asked are, "Do you have xxxxx type of ammo?" And "How much can I buy?". Don't get mad at us for limiting the small amount of ammo that we have in stock. I'm sure that if you were to buy a gun here and we had no ammo to sell you for it, you would be more than a little ticked off.
October 2, 2013
The big hunting seasons are almost upon us. Pheasant season in Kansas starts Saturday, November 9th, and firearms deer season starts Wednesday, December 4th. Please remember to get your licenses ahead of time. It gets real busy here in the shop right before hunting seasons start. License sales usually take a while. Make sure that if you have had a Kansas license in the past to please bring it with you. All we need to enter is your KDWPT number and your date of birth and it brings your information up on the screen. If you don't have an old license, it is possible that we may have to enter all of your information into the state system all over again. If you don't want to brave the crowds, you can purchase your licenses online by Clicking Here. Don't procrastinate, get your shopping done early. There are times when we have run out of some of the most popular calibers such as .243, 6mm, 30-06 and 25-06 ammo. I am trying to order enough to get us through the winter, but it is proving difficult in some calibers.

I have been asked a few times about buying a gun during the current federal government shutdown. The federally operated NICS (National Instant Check System) is still fully operational during this time. If the system would go down at any time and we were not able to call in on the 800 number (it happened last December), the only way we can sell a gun is if you have a valid Concealed Carry License from the State of Kansas issued after 07/01/2010.
September 24, 2013

*New to the gun shop this week is a new line of rifles. Noreen Firearms out of Belgrade Montana has made some AR15 style rifles in large calibers.

*We currently have 25-06, 30-06 and .338 Lapua guns in stock with a couple of .270s on order. The rifles we ordered come with 20 round magazines and are priced very good. The standard BN36 rifles are priced at $1799. The Bad News .338 has a Magpul PRS stock and a nice Timney trigger.

*More Hodgdon powder has come our way. It's now easier to tell you what we don't have as to what we do have in stock.

*Primers are getting a little easier to get.

*.22LR, .380acp and 9mm ammo is still hard to get.

*We just received a couple of steel framed Ruger MKIII pistols.

*Ruger American Rimfire rifles are selling very well.

*I just received a Springfield Armory M1A, Black Rain Ordnance piston and impingement guns, Ruger 77/17 Hornet target model and a Browning Citori maple stocked 12ga shotgun.
September 9, 2013
We now have a good supply of the new Ruger American Rimfire rifles in both .22lr and .22mag. They are a real nice gun for a great price. We are selling them for $269. They use the same rotary magazines as used on the 10/22 and 77/22 series rifles. Among some other new stuff is a Springfield Armory Socom 16, Black Rain Ordinance Fallout 15, 55,000 rounds of 5.56 NATO ammo, more .224 Hornady bullets, Rio 12ga and 20ga shotgun shells and more Hodgdon powder on the shelf.

One thing that I need to bring to your attention is a recall on Smith & Wesson Shield guns and Springfield Armory XDs 45/9mm guns. Recall information can be found on the respective manufacturer web sites. All of the recalled guns that we have in the shop are going back to the manufacturer for repair and should be back within about 8 weeks.

We finally received our first order of Benchmade knives with several different autos in stock. Call us for current options and pricing.
August 12, 2013
Things are starting to look up just a little bit. I am trying to get more powder from Hodgdon. They are backordered by months. Primers are getting slightly easier to get. Look at our current inventory for a list of all guns in stock. Keep in mind, the list also shows guns on layaway but does not show consignment guns. .223 ammo is getting easier to get. I just got in several thousand rounds of PMC XTac 62gr LAP ammo last week. We currently have a bit of 9mm defensive ammo. As always, call us with your questions.

Here are some of the new items at the shop:
*Federal large pistol primers
*Gemtech .22lr 42gr ammo (2 boxes per person per day)
*Savage 42 .22mag/410
*Sig Sauer 1911 STX
*Colt 1911 Defender
*Colt Mustang Pocket Light .380
*Sig 1911 Spartan
*S&W 617
*Shockwave 4lb binary exploding targets
August 1, 2013
Concealed carry firearms are our best seller right now with the Sig 938 leading the pack (that is what I carry and highly recommend). Most of our hard to find items are sold in store only. Our used gun selection is very good right now. We are going to be a Benchmade dealer in the near future. Kansas has changed the law on auto knives and that is what we will mainly carry from Benchmade. One of the common misconceptions is that we get ammo in every day. We do get shipments almost every day but .22lr and other pistol ammo is still extremely difficult to get. Keep in mind that we have to be offered ammo, we cannot just call and order it from a distributor. Lately, we have only received about 20 bricks in the last 4 months. Powder is very hard to get but we do currently have good sellers such as Varget, H4895, IMR4895, IMR3031, H110, IMR8208XBR, H4831SC and a few others.

Here are some of the new items at the shop:
*Sig 938 and 238 pistols in several different configurations.
*Smith-Wesson Shield 9mm and .40 S&W.
*Sig 220R Carry
*Bushmaster BA50
*Federal 12ga Top Gun 1oz #8 shotgun shells
*Tula 7.62x39 1000rnd cases (we have about 20,000 rounds in stock)
*Tula .223 500rnd sealed tins (we have about 18,000 rounds in stock)
*Magpul 20rnd blk mags
*.17HMR 17gr Vmax Winchester and Hornady
*Many different AR15's from several different companies
*.224 component bullets
*Many different models of silencers